Free Online Resources for Families

Below is an always-updated list of online resources from our wellness community to help parents and familes through this outbreak. While self-isolation is not idea, it does give us time to spend with our children and teach them things that we may not otherwise get a chance to do. 

If you have a resource you’d like add, please send us a message.

Teaching Kids at Home

Khan Academy

This is one of my favorite resources because they cover all the major topics including math, science, art, technology and more.

During school closures, they also have daily schedules for kids aged 4-18. makes learning computer science really fun and easy. Insted of typing lines of code in obscure computer programming, this webiste makes coding visual with a drag and drop interface. 

Our kids love their “coding time” and the challenging games that they have to solve using code.

Google Earth

Teach geography by virtually flying through space in Google Earth. With Google Earth, you can fly around the globe and discover new places while sitting on your couch. 

Kids especially love discovering places like the pyramids in Egypt, or Disyney Land.

National Geographic Kids

Growing up, I loved receving the yellow-bordered magazing in the mail. Nat Geo Kids takes this amazing experience online with so much for kids to explore.

Checkout their “Brain Boosters” and “Cool Stuff” categories. 

Enchanted Learning

Enchanged Learning is a webiste designed to be simple and fun for kids. They offer worksheets, templates and printables that kids love.

During the outbreak they are also offering free access to schools that have been affected.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Explore free (and paid) resources for students of all ages. Resouces include printables, posters, projects and more. 

We’ve used this website with our kids and are always impressed with the high quality of the material. 

Switch Zoo Animal Games

Learn about animals while switching heads, bodies and legs to create your own silly animal.

Kids can also have fun with puzzle, sound and memory games.

Telus World of Science

I was so happy to see that TWOS created this “Science at Home” page on their website. 

When isolated at home, kids can get lots of ideas from this site to exercise their imaginations muscles. 

Science Kids

Science Kids is the online home of science & technology for children around the world.

Learn more with our fun science experiments, cool facts, free games, activities, lesson plans, quizzes, videos, photos and science fair project ideas.

Unite for Literacy

It is tempting to turn on the TV or iPad and let the kids be entertained; however, there are so many books for kids to read and learn.

Unite for Literacy has books on every topic to keep kids engaged. I especially love that the books are colorful and vibrant.


ABCya! provides educational games and apps for kids from pre-k till grade 6. 

This is a freemium site, so to get extra games and features, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Audible Stories for Kids

I’m a HUGE Audible fan and have been listening to audiobooks for a very long time.

You can imagine my excitement when Audible made their kids’s stories available to stream for FREE online. 

These stories are very well told and extremely engaging. Definitely worth a try!