a boutique agency for wellness brands

Every client of ours has an amazing story. There’s usually something personal behind why they became interested in wellness. And then there’s the catalyst that turned them from interested onlookers into professional wellness providers

But starting a wellness business is so much more than being an amazing practitioner.

To run a successful business requires technology (eg. website, booking system, online payments), marketing (eg. ads, social media, flyers), and the know-to connect it all together. 

When technology and storytelling meet, marketing magic happens.

As a boutique agency, we only work with a limited number of wellness clients at any given time. The benefit it to you is access to our dedicated team at a lower cost with a faster turn around time compared to traditional agencies.

How do we do it?

Every client we work with is different. As such, we’ve become very good at listening to what you want and delivering what you need.

This is our expertise.

Our business is driven on 3 key principles.

ONE – We listen to our vibes. If something doesn’t feel right to us, we’ll let you know. Marketing is about building trust with your potential clients, not forcing them to listen to you.

TWO  We are results driven. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that our clients (that’s you!) are getting results from our efforts.

THREE – We prefer to work with you, not for you. When working with our clients, we are always open, transparent and honest about what we do. We expect the same from you.

What can we do for you?

Well Crafted Website

Your new custom website will be optimized for desktop and mobile, blazing fast, and will be beautifully designed just for you.

Compelling Content

You’re the expert in your field and love what you do. Our job is to articulate your passion through engaging blogs, photos and videos.

Digital Marketing

Creating amazing content isn’t enough. Getting it in front of your ideal client at the right time is critical. We work hard to ensure that your message doesn’t get lost in all the digital noise.

Have questions? Let's talk!

We're happy to offer you a free 30 minute virtual call with us.

We'll talk about your current marketing strategy, improvements that you can make today, and show you what your competitors are doing. If you have other questions, we can discuss those too 🙂