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According to a study done by Microsoft, attention spans today are only 66% of what they were in 2000 – we’re down to a mere 8 seconds now. As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly trying to be heard in an increasingly noisy digital world.

So how do you make the most of these precious 8 seconds of attention that you get? 

Describe Your Offer in (around) 4 Words

I was at a wellness expo this past weekend with my 6 year old son. Though he has no interest in wellness products and services right now, he is fascinated with how money works. 

To explain the concept of marketing to him, I had him read the signs and banners at each of the booths. I explained that we only get a few seconds to read the signs as we walk by the booth. The ones with less words were naturally going to get read more quickly. 

We eventually made our way to a booth offering Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy (QHHT), which if you’ve never heard of this is a mouthful to say. After chatting with the owner, I quickly realized that she struggled with articulating her service to someone that has never heard of QHHT. 

This is where the marketer in me kicked in. I asked her to explain the benefit of her service rather than the technical description of QHHT.

In the end she went from a 30 second long explanation of what she does to this… “Physical, emotional and spiritual healing through hypnosis.” 

Why This Works

Our brains are wired to avoid confusion. When something confuses us, we shift our attention to something that makes sense.

As wellness entrepreneurs, you’re passionate about what you do. However, your clients want someone that can provide a solution to their problem. 

When you simplify and articulate the end result your solution promises, you give your client the chance to decide if you’re a good fit for their problem.  


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