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There’s an unspoken rule in the entrepreneur world that says we shouldn’t talk about our failures.

It’s OK if we have ONE epic fail that we use as part of our origin story. You know, the one that goes “I was at the lowest point in my life because of XYZ, but then I discovered my secret sauce and now I’m living the best life ever!!”.

But we never hear people’s ongoing failures. Because that would be admitting we’re not perfect and don’t have our shizz together, right?

But there is no such thing as perfect.

Failing is actually part of the process.

And what if sharing our failures actually helps us to build trust and loyalty with our audience?

I think it’s about time we start normalizing failures and focus on taking consistent action rather than avoiding it at all costs (or at the very least hiding them).

Bottom line: It’s OK to fail! Consistency doesn’t mean perfect, it means showing up every day and doing your best.

Here’s to the fail revolution! Comment below if you’re with us!! 💪✨