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I often get asked by my clients how online advertising works. It’s both easy and hard to explain. You can think of it like watching air – whether it’s from an essential oil diffuser, incense, or a steaming hot kettle.

There’s something magical about being able to see how the air moves in waves and currents. Digital marketing is a bit like the mist moving around.

As a marketer, I need to understand all the inner workings of the technology, psychology, and trends of the marketing world.

You, as a wellness business owner don’t need to understand all the fine details.

You don’t try to understand how an ultrasonic wave can turn water into cold mist, and you don’t need to know about all the boring background stuff we take care of either.

If you’d like to elevate your business, and put your feet up at the same time – we’re here for you. Just tell us and leave a comment below.