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Hands up how many of you have been painstakingly loyal to your past, over your future?

This could look like agonizing over changing an old business name, website, or color palette … feeling like you have to continue in the same field you’ve studied or worked in for so long … or even that you must continue to serve the same kind of clients that you’ve secretly outgrown.

If you’ve done this (and don’t worry because we all have!), then I’d like to invite you to flip it the other way.

Instead of being loyal to your past – try being loyal to your future.

What different priorities would you have?
What new boundaries would you hold?
Where would you start showing up more?
Where would you begin saying ‘no’ more?

When we’re loyal to our future, our dreams take care of themselves 🙏🏽✨

Please feel free to share any realizations in the comment section below!