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Have you ever agonized over a freebie or a website page … changing the colors, tweaking the fonts, and re-writing it 100 times until you forgot why you’re even doing it?!

This kind of hyper-perfectionism saps all the joy out of our business. And we can end up putting important things off for way too long – which seriously hurts our growth and profits.

What if… when you first started out, instead of agonizing every little thing you put out there – you just did it! How much bigger and easier would your biz feel now?

Well don’t worry, because you can start today!

Choose a mini project you’ve been putting off for months, and just get it done – in whatever way is easiest. Then.. send it to your clients, email it to your list, post it on social media – and get it out there!

Done is better than perfect every time. Your followers will thank you for it! 🤗🚀✨