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There’s been a LOT of talk about niches in the last few years.

Superniches … microniches … money-making niches …
But what are they?

At their core, niches fulfill a human need. And one of the best outlines for this is Maslow’s hierarchy.

In his psychological theory, he lays out 5 levels, starting with our most basic needs, and rising to our most complex ‘wish list’ needs.

Each level is contingent on the ones below it being met, and it goes like this …

1) Physiological Needs
2) Security and Safety Needs
3) Social Needs
4) Esteem Needs
5) Self-Actualization Needs

Which level of needs does your business meet for your clients?

There are bonus points for meeting two levels, but be careful not to try to cover too many as niching is about being specific!

Then once you have your need levels laid out you can go even deeper into what this looks like for your clients.

Please tell us what levels you focus on in the comment section below, we love this stuff! 🤗✨